Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Teen Review - Wok 'n' Noodle

It was my Uncle’s birthday and our family wanted to go out for dinner but we couldn’t think of anywhere to go. We tried all sorts of places but not all of them could guarantee that their food was nut and peanut free. Until, my Mum said that she had tried a Thai restaurant called Wok ‘n’ noodle (you know the loud guy from the radio ad).

At first I was quite worried and scared of what might happen at a Thai restaurant (peanuts, nuts and more nuts). Mum said that the owner was very aware and positive about having me have a meal at his restaurant, he told my mum that he would get the chefs to clean out all the utensils and cook my dish COMPLETELY separately. Just being told that was a huge relief because ever since I had my first allergic reaction (2010) I have been very frightened to try anything new. But having the reassurance that everything would be clean and that they were aware of what could happen to me, was all it took for me to try it.

OMG I can’t explain how nice the food was, it was like the best meal you have ever had times 10!! 

As we left I asked my mum if we could so back next week. She laughed and said “maybe not next week, but now we know it is there so for sure we will come back.” 

I recommend trying this place, if you are looking for a quirky and delicious place to eat. The amazing service makes your meal painless and more enjoyable.  

Enjoy it :)


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