Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Maggie - Teen blog

Here is a blog post by Maggie, our volunteer! We are very grateful for having such a bright girl in our office! Keep an eye out for more teen blogs to come :)

Hey there Facebook and blog followers! 

My name is Maggie and I am more like you than you might think! :)
Like you, I am a person living with an allergy. I’m a 4+ out of 5 and allergic to peanuts/nuts. I came to Allergy New Zealand for my service for Duke of Edinburgh and was overwhelmed by the knowledge and skill the people here have.

Back in 2010, on the first day of the Christmas holidays I experienced something that I had never in my life experienced before
My Mum was having some chocolates out of the favourites box and I asked if I could have one (don’t know what I was thinking). My Mum said yes and gave me a white chocolate. Five minutes later my Mum came in to find one of the eyes swollen shut and the other one almost shut. I do admit when my Mum first said that I needed the EpiPen I was scared, so scared that I started running around the house screaming. But once my Mum gave it to me I didn’t feel a thing. 
I later spent 9 hours at the hospital!
When we were standing outside waiting for a taxi, some ladies stopped us and told us that we had just won a spot prize! Mum and I thought we were just getting a Ipod or phone but we ended but getting a 32ich flat screen tv!!! The thing that sucks the most about that is that I didn’t even get it !!! When it was me who was in hospital and choose the taxi (to me that makes no sense).

A little more about me: I go to Epsom Girls Grammar and so far I have not had any trouble with getting into different groups and doing all the stuff that I want to do. So far at EGGS I have been involved in
-          Soccer
-          Cycling
-          Duke of Ed
-          Art
-          Sport caption for my class
But I plan on doing so much more so watch this space!

So what I’m trying to tell you is that your allergy shouldn’t shape you, it shouldn’t make you stop what you love doing. I know that allergies sucks but it makes you who you are and trust me, I wouldn’t change my allergy for the world (well maybe not as high as 4+, now that truly sucks). 
Always have a smile on your face even when things are hard!

If you want to ask me any questions feel free to leave a comment below!


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