Monday, 8 April 2013

Hamilton Seminar and Letting Go booklet

A Hamilton Seminar will be held in May launching the updated version of the 'Letting Go: teaching your food-allergic child responsibility’ booklet.

The 30-page booklet provides advice to parents/caregivers of children with food allergies on how to help their children learn to take responsibility for the day to day management of their food allergies.

The booklet also discusses the importance of minimising the risks of anxiety as it could lead to long term psychological problems and possibility risk-taking behaviours which, particularly in adolescence, increases the risk of life-threatening reactions.

Allergy New Zealand’s Otago Regional Coordinator Erin Martin said raising a child with a food allergy and anaphylaxis, from personal experience, is very challenging.

“It involves a high stress load making sure their food is free of their known allergens, always having an adrenaline auto-injector (which going against best practice, Pharmac still refuse’s to fund) with the child and someone capable of administering the adrenaline if all goes wrong.  All the while trying to give them a ‘normal’ childhood and helping them grow up to be independent.”

The Southern Trust, who supports a wide variety of organisations across New Zealand, supplied a grant of $9,000 towards the writing and printing of 2,000 copies of the ‘Letting Go’ booklet.

The Southern Trust Chief Executive Karen Shea said they were very pleased to have the opportunity to support Allergy New Zealand by funding the printing of the ‘Letting Go’ booklet. 

“Allergies are a significant problem for many living in our communities today and we hope these brochures will give those people access to helpful information.”

The original booklet was released in 2006 and has been found very useful by many, including many paediatric clinics.

Paediatric Allergist, Dr Jan Sinclair, described the booklet as a valuable resource for families living with food allergies.

“We see many children for whom anxiety about food allergy becomes overwhelming. We hope that by being able to provide this resource to families at the outset they can anticipate the challenges of living with food allergy, and develop strategies that allow children to develop confidence and gradual independence.”

The ‘Letting Go’ booklet will be available from the Allergy New Zealand website when it is officially realised in early May.

WHEN:        Tuesday 7 May

TIME:           7pm – 9pm

WHERE:      Western Community Centre
                    46 Hyde Ave, Nawton
REGISTER:  number attending by emailing or call 0800 34 0800 ext 2
Entry by gold coin or Koha

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